Hi! My name is Alex McQuilkin and I am a current Junior in High School. I came up with Local Treasure during the summer of 2020, when I noticed a large number of businesses permanently closed due to Covid-19. I started my journey by designing the BluePrints of my app using Figma and now I have a full blown working prototype/MVP and in the stage of beta testing. 

In the past year and a half entrepreneurship has been a huge part of my life. Other than business I am a three sport athlete, honors student and occasionally post on my Medium travel blog.

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August-Nov 2020
Spent hours creating the first blueprints of Local Treasure
January 2021
Took Beta Bowl Entrepreneurship class Learned how to turn my app idea into a functional business model Created my first pitch deck, financial projections and go-to market strategy
March 2021
Local Treasure made its first appearance on social media including Facebook and Instagram Started connecting with and meeting businesses owners
April - June 2021
Finished the first draft of my prototype/MVP using Glide Apps
July - Nov 2021
Completed the final/current draft of prototype/MVP
August - Dec 2021
Ran beta tests with local MA residents and business owners
Recently I was announced a quarter finalist for the Code Launch Accelerator. Featured in Market Daily. Preparing for a bigger public beta test.